Terms and Conditions

Must be 21 years old or older to book a room, and valid photo ID is required upon check-in. Adults cannot rent property on behalf of underage guests, no exception. All requests to reserve a room must include a valid credit card for a guarantee of arrival. Room rates are subject to change. All rooms are subject to a 12.5% tax. Maximum suite occupancy shall not be exceeded. 
Room refreshes are not offered during stays. Should you need fresh towels or linen, please contact us.
We are a small, historic motel, and our rooms are not ADA compliant. Guests must be able to climb four stairs to their suite entrance and safely use a non-ADA compliant bathroom. 

Please carefully read our cancellation policy.
If the guest cancels 5 days or more in advance, the total amount of the reservation will be refunded. If the guest cancels less than 5 days in advance, total price of the reservation will be charged and is non-refundable. In case of a “no-show”, the total price of the reservation will be charged and is non- refundable. To cancel a reservation, the guest MUST send a cancellation request stating the reservation number via email to info@seagullcayucos.com. All cancellations are confirmed via email after the reservation has been canceled. 

Smoking and Damages:
Breathe easy. The Sea Gull Motel is a non-smoking property. This applies to both traditional smoking methods and all electronic delivery systems, including vapes, vaporizers, vape pens, hookah pens, electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes or e-cigs), e-pipes, and any variations of the foregoing regardless of the product’s name. Any smoking in the rooms or strong lingering smoking scents in rooms will result in a $500 room cleaning fee.
During your stay, the suite and all contents including appliances, furniture, linens, dishware, etc. should be treated with care and kept in order. Immediate notification to our staff will be expected if any damages are sustained. The guest is responsible for any damages or breakages found that are over and above normal wear and tear and usage. In this case, a detailed statement of damage along with an invoice for the repair or replacement cost will be sent by email and charged to the payment method on file. 

No pets are allowed at the Sea Gull Motel. Any violation of this policy will result in a $500 cleaning fee, plus damages as applicable. 

We love a good party, but please do not use Sea Gull Motel to host your next bash. Property access is limited to guests of Sea Gull Motel. No loud music or noise, particularly after 9pm or before 9am. Please contact Sea Gull Motel for pre-approval of any exceptions. 

There is public parking on Ocean Avenue in front of our property, or you are welcome to park one vehicle on the property in the guest parking area. The on-property parking area is gravel, and any damage sustained to vehicles is not the responsibility of the Sea Gull Motel. 

Anyone found in violation of these terms and conditions may be removed from the property without refund of reservation.